Survey: Moving Forward Strategically

In order to figure out how to most strategically move forward, we are soliciting YOUR opinions! Can you take 5-10 minutes to fill out this brief survey for us?

Survey will be closed at Friday, Jan 30th at midnight, so please take and share the survey before then!

Survey Intro:

We are an ad-hoc group of anti-racist activists in the Bay Area operating under the name of BASAT (Bay Area Solidarity Action Team) who joined together to take ongoing accountable action as allies in solidarity with the BlackLivesMatter movement. We originally formed by putting a call out to white folks to step up in our role to end the white silence that perpetuates violence against Black folks; however, through the formation of affinity groups through people’s personal networks and desires, we are not an entirely white group at this point; though the vast majority is. So far we have done two actions: the Oakland Tree Lighting ceremony redirect (12/5), and #ShutdownOPD (12/15).

While we are committed to continue taking action, we are now reflecting on the role of BASAT as a vehicle, what role it could play, or if it should continue to exist. Through organizing these actions, we amassed a large twitter feed, listserv, a national audience and readership of our principles and protocols, and lots and lots of people who are interested in continuing to take action with us.

Useful context: we did not all come together to vision what kind of infrastructure is necessary in the Bay, and BASAT did not emerge from that level of political thinking. Instead, it was an ad-hoc experiment of “building the plane while flying it” so that we could meet needs to execute big actions on a specific (fast) timeline. Our core tactical team was made up of 4 people who had strong relationships with both the Black leaders we were consulting with and many of the white activists who were invited to start BASAT. Now that we have some breathing room, we have an opportunity to step back and be more thoughtful about what we all want to create, what leadership and consultation should look like, and what our roles is. This survey is meant to help us assess our next steps.